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Anderson Therapeutic Massage Clinic
Terri Anderson LMT, CIMI License# 4028
Medical Massage in Gresham, Oregon

Instructions for Downloading Forms
You can now download all the new client registration forms that you will need before your appointment! The new PDF forms are designed to allow you to type in the form fields before printing them out. The links to those forms are added at the end of each explanation line below. You will need a PDF application installed in your browser to access and fill in the secondary PDF form. Regardless of which style of forms you download and print, completing the forms before you arrive will save you and the therapist time! Please follow the instructions below.

You will not need all of the forms, so please review the list below to make sure you download the forms that are applicable to your appointment.

Manditory forms to download, regardless if we are billing insurance or you are a private pay client are:

These are the forms that will be required only if we will be billing an insurance company and you will not be a private pay client. Please read the descriptions below of each form to make sure you print the correct one for your insurance type, each form will also be one page in length.