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Anderson Therapeutic Massage Clinic
Terri Anderson LMT, CIMI License# 4028
Medical Massage Therapist in Gresham, Oregon

Meet the Therapist

Terri Anderson LMT, CIMI

Terri Anderson


Terri Anderson LMT, CIMI, has been a Massage Therapist in Gresham, OR, for over twenty years. She specializes in Medical Massage Therapy, which aids in relieving pain caused from diseases and medical disorders, as well as Injury Recovery including trauma and overuse injuries.

After studying massage therapy, and working in a chiropractic clinic for four years, she decided to open her own clinic in 1993. This office was located in Historic Downtown Gresham on Main Street. The opening was the main feature in the Gresham Outlook at that time.

In 1993 she also received her certification in infant massage instruction and taught courses at Kaiser, Legacy Mt. Hood and Meridian Park. She has continued to add to her training by obtaining certification in medical massage, myofascial release and migraine/headache treatment. Terri also specializes in Injury Recovery, including trauma and overuse injuries. During the beginning of 2008, Terri joined the staff of a local pain clinic in order to use her expertise in aiding in the treatment of patients with chronic pain conditions.

2010 was a major turning point in Terri's career, with the reopening of her massage clinic in the Civic District of Gresham. She continues to focus her practice on clients with ailments that affect their health and quality of life. She has also become contracted with many private health insurance companies, as well as motor vehicle accident insurance and worker's compensation. This enables her to see more clients that can truly benefit from her therapy.

She continues to expand her knowledge and training by taking continued education training courses yearly. When asked why she continues to do massage therapy, she responded, "The greatest satisfaction from doing what I do is helping people. When someone comes to me in severe pain to the point where they are unable to function or sleep, I am able to help relieve their discomfort. I take great joy in having my clients come back after a few treatments saying that they have a major decrease in their pain levels as well as a high increase in their overall functionality and quality of life."

Kyle Pleasant, LMT

Kyle Pleasant


I'm Kyle Pleasant, LMT #20302. I graduated from East West College in 2013 and have been living and practicing massage in Portland for several years. I'm originally from Texas where I also practiced massage.

My modality specialties include Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone and cupping. Of course my greatest massage tool is my intuition. I'm great at finding and removing those hard to find knots. My style is both relaxing and therapeutic.